The Grand Finale



This course has been like an action movie, it started off with intensity, so much I was uncertain if I could finish it out, then entering the flow I found a comfort in the chaos and learned what to expect. The “end of movie climax” was when the Ken Robinson video stated “One of the principals of education has got to be setting a rigorous process that cherishes diversity.” Kens words are exactly what this course has done.

  To be frank, I almost high tailed out of here so fast my sneakers were practically on fire!   I did not know if I would make it, but here we are at the end of the semester and I have truly experienced the paradigm shift. I was so structured in the methods of learning I grew accustomed to and had a good solid pattern for following the standard of teaching that I have always known. Then this completely unorthodox class came about. Everything was different. The guidelines were all surprising and new! I do believe my system went into complete shock and I was unable to comprehend the change. Then as the weeks progressed I  realized that the motions were now becoming rhythmic, my knowledge of what was expected of me here was becoming second nature. I have grown into the pattern of the new form, and I like it. I  have learned more from this course than I can say I have in any one course I took this semester.  Sure, at the beginning I felt like the learning was being beaten into me, but knowing I didn’t quit and having my eyes be opened to this new style of learning, I feel victorious.

Now I hope Dr Gusa does not take offense to my next statement because I truly feel her innovative form of teaching goes under appreciated far too often from the students. To me, my fellow classmates are almost like war buddies. We are the remaining students in the class, the ones who all persevered together, we have learned about each others likes and dislikes. It is odd that we have not met one another face to face, yet because of our similar experience there is this invisible bond between us. No other students would understand if we jokingly said to one another “I assess you as an A…. did you self-assess today ?” or “where is your outside source?”, classmates from Gusas course would probably chuckle, anyone else would be lost. One of my favorite things in life is the ability to establish communities with others, mostly to have inside jokes. For every  one of us  made the same mistake with the Animoto at the beginning of the term, I can guarantee that stating “Animoto is not a Powerpoint” would make any one of us laugh at how true the statement is.

Before this course I did not know  a thing about hyperlinking or embedding videos,  those were foreign concepts that only computer  professionals were privy to (in my mind that is), now I do it will nilly.  I have been introduced to incredible resources such as Scoop it! and  Grammerly.   There was so much more taught in this course than just the principals of education. I was introduced to a great foundation in changing the way I think. As much as I felt overwhelmed with the numerous assignments, they truly did help to round out my comprehension of the material.The Seew would give me a practical application, the powerpoint would outline the initiatives for the module, the discussion board brought others perspectives and provided influence for my own thoughts. This blog, well, it truly helped to reflect what all of the material was. Everything was a small puzzle piece that needed to be constructed in order to get the whole picture. Once I caught on to that theory, assignment performance eased with a certain familiarity.

As excited as I am to have made it to the end, there is a bittersweetness. A taste of melancholy as I say goodbye to this course. Just as when you have any experience in life where you have grown in strides, there is a tender moment where you move on and say goodbye. I look forward to my future courses as I inch closer and closer to my career. This class will be one of those turning points in my memory, that stay locked in for life. I am certain this will be a foundation of development for shifting my abilities to accept the unknown in future courses. I will mentally reference this class specifically when I look back on my first semester here at SUNY Canton. I am sure of it.



After the ups and downs of this semester the final words in this song say it all.

Thank you Dr Gusa for this experience; I learned, I did, I learned a thing or two.